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The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth - a look at weariness and encouragement, from KaysePratt.comMy plan for today was to remind you all about why The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is the best deal you’ll find all year, and to let you know that today is the last day to buy it.


The honest truth is that I’m a little tired of talking about the bundle. I’m not a salesperson, by any means, and I try not to bombard you with stuff to buy. So while I truly think this bundle sale is a can’t-miss deal, I’m always concerned that things will come across as me trying to sell you something. And I so don’t want to be that person. This blog is mostly a space to share, to admit where we are struggling, to encourage one another, and build each other up.

Which is actually the reason that I choose to participate in this bundle sale each year, and to offer my book as a part of it. Because the books in this sale all share about real life. The authors share about where they have struggled, and the solutions they’ve found. They encourage us by reminding us who we are and who Jesus is. And I love that.

I don’t think that the books in this sale will fix everything that is wrong in my schedule, my marriage, my parenting, or my life in general, but I know that the words of so many Christ-centered authors can be just what the Lord uses to encourage me and lift me up in all of those areas.

And I could use some encouragement right now. Since Nathan’s birth it seems like I’m just in a season of weariness. I’m trying to figure out what’s really important for our family right now, and give myself permission to walk away from what’s not. It’s a hard season, and that’s the truth. I’m guessing you’ve been there too. So I’m grateful that I have these resources all loaded up on my kindle. I’ve been reading through a few in the last week or so, and they have been like a balm for my weary heart.

So, instead of trying to “sell” you some books today, I’m just going to share parts of the ones I’ve read so far that have spoken to me, and hope they speak to you too.

On Marriage

(This one hit me right in the gut.)

When we look at our husbands, what do we see? Are we too focused on his flaws to see anything else? Whatever we focus on are the thoughts that will continue to grow in our minds. They can either be thoughts of adoration or bouts of frustration, but let me assure you whichever you choose to feed will certainly grow.” – Darlene Schacht, The Ultimate Marriage Vow  ($2.99 value)

On Motherhood

(Um, I wrote this book. and then yesterday I read this quote on someone else’s site and cried because I don’t feel like I’m living it out right now. I need Jesus. And sleep.)

Distractions will come. The urgent will threaten to crowd out the important. I will be pulled in a million different directions and have a zillion choices to make in a very limited amount of time.
But despite the realities of life, I want to be an Undivided Mom…..I want my kids to know that there is nothing on this earth that I would choose over them….I don’t want to look back on my life in twenty years and realize that I wasted the precious time I had with them by living in a state of perpetual distraction.” – Kayse Pratt, Undivided Mom ($4.99 value)

On Self-Care

(How do we quiet all the noise to hear the whisper? That’s why I’m reading this book.)

God still speaks, friends! Every day, He is whispering to our souls and calling for our attention. Even though God speaks to us, we tend to be not quite as attentive or responsive as we should be. Life is noisy, and by no fault of our own. We live in the information age! And we’ll miss His voice if we’re not paying close attention.” – Elisa Pulliam, Equipped: Because You’ve Been Made to Live on Purpose  ($6.99 value)

On Homemaking

(Yes, please. Laundry stresses me out!)

I’m not sure why laundry seems to be a monster.  Maybe because we live in a time where everything is fast and no matter how hard we try it still takes at least an hour to wash and dry clothes in a washer and dryer.  Maybe because we live in a time of such abundance that we feel it’s somehow yucky or unsanitary to not wash clothes after each wear.  Maybe it’s because it’s a job that truly is never ending.

Whatever the reason,  laundry has become a four letter word in many homes.

My hope for this book is that you will begin to tame this monster called laundry, feel a peace in your home and let go of crazy ideals that are holding you back.” – Angi Schneider, Taming the Laundry Monster ($3.99 value)

The thing is, and the thing always is, that I can’t do everything on my own, and there are a billion smarter people than me out there. I’m so grateful for books that share wisdom, encouragement, and hope. They are a kind of like a life raft for this girl who sometimes feels like she’s drowning in all the responsibilities of life!

I really do hope that you’ll pick up the bundle. Not because it sends a little cash our way (although it does, and I’m grateful for that too), but because I really believe it’s got something your heart needs to hear. If you want one for yourself, don’t wait. Today’s the last day you’ll be able to get it.

Snag your bundle and we can commiserate about the laundry together, while reading these books on our kindles and sipping coffee. (Well, hot chocolate for me, but it works the same.)

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  1. Toni W. says

    I would love to purchase this bundle. It is AWESOME! Although it comes at a time I can not afford the extras. I hope everyone that has participated will do so again, maybe toward the latter part of the year.

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