10 Unique & Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite gift ideas. For Mother’s Day, we want something meaningful, don’t we? So, I’ve collected 10 of my favorite unique & meaningful items to share with you.

(This might be a good post to pass on to the hubby!)

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10 Unique & Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts - KaysePratt.com

1. Journaling Bible | 2. Lisa Leonard Necklace | 3. Lisa Leonard Stacking Rings | 4. Undivided Mom | 5. Homemaking Bundle | 6. Erin Condren Life Planner or Personalized Notebook | 7. Inkwell Press Collection | 8. Enjoy Your Life Course | 9. Stitch Fix | 10.  Project Life


1. Journaling Bible :: For the mom who loves the Word. I’m in love with my Journaling Bible. I’m a words girl, and the giant margins with plenty of space to take notes is WONDERFUL. I’ve also gotten one for each of my kids, so I can have plenty of space to write them notes and highlight verses specific to each of them. I don’t have a Bible that I love more than this one! (And I have a lot of Bibles…)

2. Lisa Leonard Necklace :: For the mom who’s proud of being a mom. So, you know, all of us. Lisa Leonard has so many beautiful options for family necklaces – from a single charm with multiple names, to teeny charms with initials, to birthstones! And everything is top quality and so beautiful. This is the one I’m drooling over right now. Isn’t it pretty?

3. Lisa Leonard Stacking Rings :: For the mom who has a simple style. I love these rings because they are simple, but beautiful! They are such a delicate, feminine accessory that they can even dress up the yoga pants!

4. Undivided Mom :: A 14 day devotional for the mom who needs Jesus to keep her from losing her ever-loving mind. It’s got heartfelt devotions intermingled with funny mom stories, and I think you’ll love the honesty. Available here or on Amazon!

5. Homemaking Bundle :: For the mom who loves a good deal. This is a no-brainer, because it’s like getting a bazillion gifts in one. The bonuses alone are amazing gifts for Mother’s Day! Like a beautiful scarf of your choice from Deborah & Co.? Or a gorgeous print that you can frame for your home? And a subscription to She Plans Dinner, so you don’t even have to think about dinner plans for 90 days? PLUS, books on marriage, motherhood, homemaking, and more? All for under $30? Um, yes please. Husbands, you best get a jump on this one.

UHB Mentors

6. Erin Condren Life Planner or Personalized Notebook :: For the mom who loves to plan! These beautiful planners and notebooks can be totally customized, which I loooooooove. You can even put your own pictures on them! The planners are great for schedules, meal planning, fitness tracking, and more! The notebooks are awesome for family journaling, business tracking, note-taking, and whatever else you do with notebooks!

7. Inkwell Press Collection :: For the mom who loves notebooks. Oh, I’m in love with these lately! Inkwell Press is a relatively new company but every single product they’ve launched has just knocked it out of the park. My latest favorites are the journal & the fitness planner. I may or may not have ordered both last week. Believe me – every mom will LOVE these!

8. Enjoy Your Life Course :: For the mom who is overwhelmed and just needs some help getting her life back on track. Or the woman whose schedule is so full and planned that she’s forgotten what it’s like to have any margin in her life. For anyone who needs to remember that life is meant to be lived abundantly – this is for you! And it’s totally free with your purchase of #4 above. So basically just one more gift, FOR FREE.

9. Stitch Fix :: For the mom who has forgotten what it’s like to shop for grown up clothes. I don’t know about you, but my closet is pretty full of t-shirts and yoga pants these days. Stitch Fix reminds me that I’m more than a mom! You get a personalized shopper who puts together a box according to your exact preferences and measurements. I love pretty much everything that they send me, and having the box delivered to my house means I don’t have to battle the awful dressing room mirrors at Target. Yay! Plus, I have grown-up clothes for the times I actually get to go on a date with my husband. Or, you know, church.

10.  Project Life :: For the mom who prioritizes memory keeping. Project Life is scrapbooking made easy. Print your photos, write a few memories on the adorable PL cards, and slip everything into sleeves that fit into an album. It’s a seriously easy way to keep your memories, and keep them beautifully! My favorite core kits right now are the seafoam kit & the inspire kit, and I love the baby boy and baby girl kits for baby books!



What’s a good Mother’s Day post without a fun giveaway?!

10 Unique & Meaningful Gifts for Mother's Day + Giveaway! - KaysePratt.com

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For When Your Husband Goes Camping (And leaves you with the kids all weekend long…)

So last weekend, Jon went camping with the guys from church on a Men’s Retreat. I was excited for him to go, have fun, and get some down time. But at the same time, I was a little nervous about him leaving.

The weekends are really the only time we have together, since Jon works past the kids’ bedtimes most days during the week. And that means that the weekends are the only time that I have some backup. Or a break! With him leaving on Friday afternoon and not getting back until late Sunday, that meant that I essentially was looking at 12 days straight of just me and the kids.

On a normal weekend, that would have been manageable. I love my kids, though it’s no secret they can drive me crazy. But I’m in this season where I’m really learning to lean into motherhood and embrace this role. It’s a new season of letting things go, and I’m loving it a whole lot more than I thought I would.

But this particular weekend, I had a LOT of work on my plate. That bundle sale that I told you about yesterday? Well, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes beforehand. Writing posts and making graphics and updating website stuff… it all takes time. A lot of time. And I wanted to do it well.

I was catching up with a friend over the phone last week, and knowing that this bundle prep week was approaching, she asked how she could pray for me. And I found myself telling her this…

“I so badly want to be productive. I want to do things that matter and finish projects and feel accomplished. But my kids just need me to be present. And I know I’m called to my family before anything else in this season. Pray that I’d value presence over productivity.”

Presence over productivity.

FB 7

For me, presence over productivity means that, in this season, I need to remember that my husband and my kids need a kind and loving mom more than I need another blog post written. Right now, that means putting some of my dreams & passions on the back burner. (And that’s okay!)

And so, last weekend, I had a choice to make. Stick my kids in front of the TV for 2 days straight so I could get some work done, or value time with them more than a finished project.

I’ll be totally honest and tell you that my priorities changed by the hour. I didn’t do it perfectly. But remembering that I really do value presence over productivity helped me to put down my work and play legos for a few minutes. It motivated me to get the kids set up with a toy or a craft that they could do independently, and keep talking to them while I did the tasks that didn’t require my full attention. It allowed me to structure my days in a way that my focused work was saved for the times they were asleep or resting. It was a totally different frame of mind for me, and it was good. Not perfect, but good.

I tend to be an all or nothing sort of person. But I’m slowly learning that an all or nothing attitude means that someone, somewhere is getting my “nothing”. And I can’t let that someone be my husband or my kids. Ever.

I don’t actually think achieving balance is possible, but I’m learning how to stop before I jump into anything, and identify where I really need to focus in that moment, that day, or that season. I’m learning that nothing is forever, and my focus might shift in the next week, or even in the next minute! And that’s okay.

But if my heart is to be present, rather than productive, I’m generally okay. Things fall into place easier because I don’t have to be putting out the fires that pop up out of my neglect. The important stuff is still important.

And, so, my work time this last weekend didn’t exactly go as I’d hoped. But my bigger hope is that, no matter what’s on my plate, my family knows that they come first.

When my husband came home on Sunday, he came home to a happy wife and kids, instead of a frazzled wife and grumpy kids. The house might not be clean, but hey, we did our best. The kids were alive and about half of my work got done. And, more importantly, all of our relationships are intact!

Presence over productivity. People before projects. A heart that listens to the Lord’s call in this season instead of forging ahead with it’s own plan.

How does the need for Presence Over Productivity reveal itself in your life?

Presence over Productivity Printable

Need a reminder in your home or on your phone? Click here or on the image above for a printable version of this phrase that you can download & print, or save as the wallpaper on your phone!

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