When You Dream of Being Sick (Or, How to Know You’re Burned Out)

Jon came down with a 24-hour bug on Sunday, and spent the rest of the day in bed while I kept the kids busy in the other end of the house.

And here’s my confession: I was jealous of him.

Jealous of being sick? No, not really. But to be able to just lay in bed and sleep? Well, that just sounded like paradise.

This mommy thing wears me out. And with Jon back at work, and often working late teaching music lessons, I’m kind of on my own during the week. The weekends are catch up from the last week, or prep for the next week, and then we start all over again.

I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s exhausting. Often physically exhausting, but really, the kicker for me is the emotional exhaustion. I am a bit burned out. Already. And it’s only September, people. Jon’s school year is just getting started!!

So when I woke up yesterday with the 24-hour bug myself, you know what? I WAS RELIEVED. Excited, even.

Relieved, because Jon was much better (only 12 hours later, thanks to our favorite essential oils!). And excited because that meant that I got to spend the morning in bed! To sleep! And read! And then shower by myself in peace! And isn’t that what every mom really wants?

I read Emily’s similar words in a post she wrote about a month ago. And I understood. I bet you will too…

“Prison,” she said after sharing with me how desperately tired she was, “is starting to sound really good.”

She wasn’t in danger of being convicted of anything, unless exhaustion is considered a crime. But she was so tired that even the idea of prison didn’t repel her if it meant she could be on a mattress and read a book alone.

Seems to me there are easier ways to get time alone than prison (Maybe a hotel? A lock on the bedroom door? Something that doesn’t involve bars?) but I knew what she meant. We laughed, shook our heads at ourselves, promised to never reveal those words to anyone because prison.

When desert islands, hospitals, sinus infections, broken legs, and jail start to sound like a vacation, you know you need to take a rest on purpose.

I think I’ll add that when you look at your sick husband and think “He’s so lucky,” you know you need to take a rest on purpose.

The thing is, I can’t take a break from my life. Jon’s a hard worker, and my kids are high energy, and I have to lean in and meet my family where they are at. I have to rise up to be the mom that God is calling me to be.

But I also need to realize that before God calls me to be a mom, He calls me to Himself. 

When You Dream Of Being Sick (Or, How To Know You're Burned Out) - KaysePratt.com

Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

He promises rest. But I’m never going to find it if I keep a running pace all the time. I must slow my life, and come to Him. I have to recognize my desperate need for rest, and build time for that into my week. Time to read His word, time to pray, time to read a good book, and time to sleep! All of those things are restful for me, and making rest a priority in my life provides me with the energy that I need to serve my family.

So I took advantage of that time in bed yesterday. I spent some time in the Word (#SheReadsTruth, anyone?), reading a happy book, and taking a blessed nap! And I woke up feeling better in every way – physically and emotionally – ready to jump back into serving my family.

I’m not saying that we need to get sick every week. Goodness knows we mommas don’t have time for that! But I am saying that we need to find a way to fit genuine rest into our weeks. We need it, and there’s no use denying that fact. Even better, when we acknowledge our need and obey Christ’s command that we come to Him, He promises the very rest we need.

We serve a good God, who understands the benefits of a good nap. Amen and amen.

Confession time, friends. Have YOU ever been jealous of your sick husband?!? Don’t leave me hanging here. :) How can you build some rest into your week this week?

On Sleeping Children & Writing Again


It’s a miracle if there ever was one, and I’m taking the chance to sit down with my computer and all of those letters staring up at me from the keyboard, and write.

Write. Because I’m nothing if not a writer.

I’m learning this again. I have this deep ache in me to create beautiful things, to begin something and carry it to completion and sit back and look at it and say, “That’s beautiful.” And I’ve tried that with paper and projects and organized closets and clean sinks and those things only ease that ache about halfway. I’m learning that’s because, above all else, I long to create beauty with words.

And beautiful doesn’t mean perfect, because often I think that the messy truth is a hundred times more beautiful than false perfection. There’s beauty in being real, in sharing with one another the things that stir our souls and break our hearts and bring us joy. There’s beauty in encouraging one another, in being honest with each other, in challenging one another.

beautiful isn't perfect - kaysepratt.com

As I start writing again, really writing, that’s what I want to bring back to this place. Beauty. The kind that’s found in honesty & in community. The kind that welcomes friends to come as they are, to share stories, to cry and laugh together. The kind that refreshes the soul and reminds you that there’s hope to be found in the messy and mundane. Because Christ is there, too.

Will you join me? Because I want to talk about everything. About motherhood and marriage and ministry and how those things sometimes fit together and sometimes they don’t and what we do with that. About the things we’re good at and the things we struggle with and how we can maybe help one another out. About serious things and silly things and realizing that life is made up of both sides of that coin and it’s okay to embrace it all. About how much we need Jesus and how we figure out how to make Him the foundation of our every day instead of making Him just another entry on our to do list. About what it means to really believe there is hope in every situation.

I don’t have a blog plan and I don’t have posts lined up and I’m not nearly as organized as I used to be. I may or may not have a pinnable image, or remember to share each post on social media. (Because TWO KIDS, you guys. That’s twice as many as the ONE I had before, and I do not have the hang of it yet.) But I’m here, and I’m bringing words and a heart that is so very passionate about connecting with yours. That’s all I’ve got. I’m praying He uses it to bless you, to draw back a community of real women who aren’t afraid to speak the truth, to break free of the “supposed to’s”, and to link arms as we follow Jesus in the middle of our mess.

Who’s with me?

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