The Secret to the PERFECT Rice Krispie Treat

Let’s just be honest, Rice Krispie Treats are one of the staple desserts of motherhood.

Need a quick after-school snack? Rice Krispie Treats.

Want to whip up an easy dessert with your preschooler? Rice Krispie Treats.

Walking through the cereal aisle in Target and see that blue box? Rice Krispie Treats.

They are seriously one of my favorite quick & easy desserts. So, I’ve set out to perfect them.

Now, you might be saying, “Come on, Kayse, can you really mess up a Rice Krispie Treat?” And the answer is YES. Burn the butter. Make them too thin. Don’t add enough marshmallows. It is possible. But you don’t have to worry about that, cause I’m going to show you how to make the best Rice Krispie Treat on your block!

The Secret to the Perfect Rice Krispie Treat -


  • 1 BIG box of Rice Krispies (Don’t skimp on brand here. Get the ones in the blue box!)
  • 1 -16oz. bag mini marshmallows
  • 1 stick of salted butter + a little extra

So, this is my secret. Are you ready?

Double the “normal” amounts, and add a little extra butter!


  1. Grease a 9×13 pan. You’re gonna use the same size pan, even though you’re doubling the recipe. The best treats are giant.
  2. Melt the whole stick of butter (plus an extra little sliver of your table butter) in a large pot on the stove over low heat. Don’t try to rush this! Burnt butter ruins the treats, so take your time!!
  3. Once the butter is melted, add that WHOLE BAG of marshmallows to the pot. Don’t be shy, just dump the whole thing in there. Stir well, until the marshmallows are completely melted.
  4. Turn off the heat, and add in the Rice Krispies. I use somewhere in between 11 cups (if you want more marshmallow-y treats) & 11.5 cups (if you want crunchier treats) of Rice Krispies, which is why you need that big box! Stir well!! (hint: first spray your spoon with Pam or Olive Oil so that the sticky mix doesn’t stick to the spoon!)
  5. Dump the mixture into your pan. Flatten down with your hands (which I suggest either spraying with oil or getting slightly wet first! no sticky hands here!) and let cool.
  6. Eat a few before they cool all the way. Because come on. They’re the yummiest!

Follow those directions, and you’ll have the best giant Rice Krispie Treats around! Now, head off to that cereal aisle and get those supplies!

The Secret to the Perfect Rice Krispie Treat -

Little Man Birthday Bash (Free Printables!)

Our little man turned 1 in November, and I wanted to throw him a mustache and bow tie bash! But, my hubby feels very strongly about mustaches, so we went with a simple bow tie bash. I went in search of decorations on etsy, but there were exactly zero printable decorations for a little man bash that ONLY included bow ties. Since mustaches were out, I was out of luck!

So, I made my own. And I’d love to share them with you!

Little Man Birthday Bash -

These Little Man Birthday Bash printables include:

  • 1 Invitation
  • 1 Poster (to be used on the wall on in a frame on the food or gift table)
  • 4 Styles of Cupcake Toppers
  • 2 Styles of Food Tents (to be used on the food table to label items)
  • 1 Banner (to be printed, cut out, and assembled)

Little Man Birthday Bash -

Little Man Birthday Bash -

Little Man Birthday Bash -

Little Man Birthday Bash -

I highly recommend that you print everything on white cardstock to get the best result – especially the invitations and the banner! I also blew up a few cupcake toppers to make giant circles and put them all over the walls. You could use one of those for a front door or gate sign too!

I cut everything out using my handy dandy paper cutter, and a circle punch like this one.

We got the plates, napkins, and straws at Walmart, and you can bet that Jon bought those beautiful cupcakes at Trader Joe’s. The second kid means you do the easy thing where you can, people.

I hope you enjoy these decorations as much as we did!

Click Here to Download Your FREE Little Man Birthday Bash Printables!


For more free printables, check out my home management printables & scripture printables!

And if you’re into making your own stuff, you’ll want to check out the Ultimate DIY Bundle, only on sale till Monday!

For When Your Marriage Seems Like Nothing Special

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Infusing JOY Into Our Families & Our Homes

Infusing JOY into our homes & families -

Happy New Year!! I’m so excited to kick off the year with our year-long book club! We’re going to be reading through my brilliant friend Courtney’s new book, In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love & Laughter A Daily Part of Your Family Life. This book is packed full of practical wisdom and application for creating homes that are full of Jesus. I cannot wait to read through it with you, so let’s get started! January is all about JOY! “Joy {Read More}

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Why I’m Not Choosing One Word for 2015

Why I'm Not Choosing One Word for 2015 -

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The Ultimate Planner Review

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Planners. I love them. I love getting organized, and color-coding, and writing everything out. I love planning for the year and setting goals and working toward something. And, so, I love planners, because that’s where I get to do all of those things!! But go to search for planners on google, and you’ll come up with a billion different options. There are a few that stand out, a few that people have compared with others, but when I searched, I {Read More}

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Easy Party Dishes | The Mommy List, Week 4

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It’s that season, you know. The one where we’ve got a party to go to every weekend, and we’re expected to bring some kind of amazing dish that will knock everyone’s socks off. I love to cook (and bake) (and eat), but I always feel a little bit of pressure when I prep something to take to a party. I want everyone to love whatever I bring! And for that reason, I stick to the classics. Today I’m going to {Read More}

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Mac & Cheese For Bacon Lovers

Mac & Cheese for Bacon Lovers

Tonight we’re supposed to enter the storm of the century, or something like that. Currently, there are no winds & no rain, so I’m feeling mighty foolish about all of those water bottles and flash lights I stocked up on yesterday… In any case, I thought it was the perfect night for some comfort food, so I texted my friend Stacy in hopes of snagging her recipe for Mac & Cheese that she brought to our friends Christmas party last {Read More}

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