Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Moms

Alright, momma friends. This is the post that you forward to your husband. Or your kids. Or your mom who actually buys you gifts that you like. Or, this is the post that you take note of, and then go Christmas shopping for yourself. It’s okay. I do it too. I’m so excited to be a part of The Ultimate… Read More

An Everyday Reminder to Make Every Day Count

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably got my terrible mom confession yesterday. The one where I told you that being on Day 5 of the Whole30 made me want to KILL ALL THE THINGS, which, unfortunately, does not mesh well with my desire to be a good mother. But on better days this month, days when I haven’t… Read More

My Favorite Fiction Reads :: Friday Favorites

My compromised lungs have been failing me this month. Last month it was pneumonia. And right now I’m waiting to get an appointment at the doctor’s office to find out what lovely little bug has invaded my lungs this time. My guess is bronchitis. Everyone else in our house is healthy, thanks to my mad application of oils at every opportunity,… Read More