Hope for Your Kitchen

Hope for your Kitchen :: KaysePratt.com

Mmmm. Food.

I really love to cook. I feel so creative and accomplished when I make dinner for my family. It doesn’t have to be gourmet to be great, you know? Healthy, filling, and tasty – that’s enough for us.

But I’ll be honest. Over the last few months, we’ve gotten in the habit of getting take-out for dinner multiple times a week.

While my taste buds and carb cravings often love this, my heart and my wallet do not. Often what’s happened is that I bought groceries at the beginning of the week for all of the dinners I was going to make. And I make a great dinner on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, life happens and I forget that dinner prep usually starts in the morning, and 5pm rolls around and I have yet to defrost my meat. So, Jon picks up Rubio’s on the way home from work and we call it “Taco Tuesday”.

This is lame for a bunch of reasons. First, Rubio’s, while WONDERFUL, is not as healthy as the dinner I had planned. Second, it costs way more than the homemade dinner that I already paid for all of the supplies to make. So not only is it more expensive, but now I’ve paid double for Tuesday night’s meal. lastly, I rarely get back to the planned meal that was supposed to take place on Tuesday. So those groceries end up completely wasted.

And then I feel like a complete failure. (But man, weren’t those tacos good?)

I’ve been meeting with a life coach (the wonderful Carey Bailey) to help me figure out a few things health-wise as I recover from all of the issues of the last few months and start working on getting fit and losing weight. One thing we have talked about is this whole eating out debacle. It really doesn’t work if I’m trying to lose weight, so Carey encouraged me to come up with a plan. I did, and it’s worked well for two whole weeks now. I don’t know about you, but two weeks of home-cooked, healthy eating is kind of a giant deal for me, so we are doing the happy dance!

So in the last few weeks, I’ve become this Super Planner. I’ve planned breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. I write them all in my Erin Condren planner, and I do my best not to deviate from the plan.

Hope for your Kitchen :: KaysePratt.com

But here’s the trick: I prep everything on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoons, I put together breakfast burritos and crustless quiches to make sure we’ve got breakfast ready to grab and go in the mornings. I pack a snack for each day so all I have to do is reach in the fridge and grab the box for that day. And I prep and freeze 5 dinners each week so that I can just pull them out of the freezer either thaw and bake, or plop them in the crockpot. Altogether, it takes me a couple of hours on Sunday, so I do it after church during the kids’ naptime.

It’s so simple, right? Planning ahead. But it’s working so well! I love having everything ready. It’s easier for me to stick to the plan if I know what I’m eating. And if dinner is already ready-to-cook, I have no excuse (and almost no desire) to ask Jon to pick up food on his way home.

I love it. A few hours on the weekend, and there’s peace in our home where food is concerned. Not gonna lie, that’s a miracle in my book!

Takeaway ideas to restore hope in your kitchen:

  • Write out your food for the week for everything – Breakfasts, Lunches, Snacks, & Dinners.
  • Schedule a time when you can prep food for the upcoming week. I like Sunday afternoons, but another day might work better for you!
  • Grab some resourcesSimplified Dinners, No Cook Freezer Meals, Healthy Make Ahead Meals & Snacks are all cookbooks that I LOVE – and all are included in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle available this week!
  • Sign up for a service like Once A Month Meals or eMeals, who create a meal plan, a shopping list, and instructions for you, making your meal planning and prep much easier! (A 1 month subscription to Once A Month Meals is included in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!)

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