Losing It :: Week 1 Update

I have officially tracked my food for one whole week. I think that is some record, somewhere.

Honestly, I’ve done Weight Watchers before, and had a hard time sticking to it. For whatever reason, this time it doesn’t seem so difficult. (That could be because I get more points this time, since I’m at my heaviest, but we won’t split hairs, okay?) I’ve actually enjoyed eating within my points this week! So, per our public accountability plan, here’s this week’s update!

Tracked food? Yes!

Stayed within points? Yes!

Exercise? This week I got up and exercised early for two mornings. My goal is five, so I have some work to do!

Weight change? Since starting to pay attention to my food choices about 3 weeks ago (but really only tracking for one week), I’m down 7.2 pounds! I’d guess around 3 of those were from this week.

Total weight loss remaining? 57.8 pounds.

Favorite food this week? Tuna Melts – Lean tuna salad on thin buns, with one slice of cheese. It’s filling, doesn’t feel like I’m deprived, and is only 5 points. Also, Ovaltine for my sweet tooth! (Yes, I’m 90. But Ovaltine is so good.)

Best tip this week? Water. Lots and lots of water. I’m using grapefruit oil in my water, and that’s helping me get rid of cravings, so yay for that!

You know what else has helped me immensely? This amazing group that we’ve got going on Facebook. We’re all working on health and weight loss, and everyone is so incredibly encouraging and inspiring! If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have you! Just click the image below and request to join the group!

losing it

How about you? How did you guys do this week?

What Do We Do When Life Gets Hard?

I was listening to a podcast last week where a mom was talking about raising her kids. One of her boys had complained that something was hard, and she used it as an opportunity to teach them about the hard things.

She asked them something along the lines of, “So, what do we do when things get hard?”

What do we do when things get hard?

I didn’t hear what she said after that, because I couldn’t think past the question. What do we do when things get hard? What do I do when things get hard?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve reached your 30′s (have mercy) and realized that somewhere along the line, the picture of the ideal life that you’d been dreaming up in your head since you were a little girl looks very little like the reality you’re holding in your hands. There may be a few similarities, a few details that match up, but for the most part, the two pictures couldn’t be more different.

Because I don’t think anyone ever dreams about their mom dying, or their marriage taking every single bit of strength they’ve got. I don’t think people wish for sick babies, or infertility. I don’t think people dream of being single long after their friends have married off, or graduating college only to find out that there are no jobs for you. We didn’t plan for these things, so when they show up in our reality, we are often blindsided. And we’ve got a choice to make.

What do we do when things get hard?

I can tell you what I’ve done. I’ve run. I’ve shut down. I’ve closed myself off and shut other people out. I’ve escaped into TV and social media and anything else that would be a distraction. I’ve slept my way into depression, and I’ve eaten my way into clothes that don’t fit.

I’ve spent a good seven years of my life being surprised and quietly bitter that hard things were happening to me. That life was getting hard for me.

But surprised is the last thing I should be. Jesus tells us that troubles will come. He doesn’t beat around the bush, you guys. He says it straight out. It’s gonna be hard. It is. We don’t get a free pass because we’re Christians. Life doesn’t work that way.

We live in a world where sin reigns. And it will continue to reign until Christ’s return. The troubles of this world affect every single one of us. Hard things happen every day. To you or your neighbor or Joe Schmoe down the street.

So the question remains. What do we do when things get hard? Will we run? Will we quit? Will we wallow in bitterness, insistent that we didn’t deserve this situation? I’ve tried that. It doesn’t make life any better.

I think the answer lies in the rest of Jesus’ words.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

We take heart. I think taking heart looks a little bit like leaning in. I think it means refusing to shut down, or run away, or take things personally. I think it looks like understanding the sinful world we live in, having the wisdom to know we’re each going to be touched by sin – both our own and others’ – and then move into whatever situation is coming at you. Walking through the flames, knowing that we don’t walk alone, and that ultimately Jesus wins.

What do we do when things get hard? - KaysePratt.com

He’s overcome it, friend. Whatever you’re going through, He’s already overcome it.

That doesn’t always make the situation easier, but it changes our perspective entirely, doesn’t it? Because now, instead of feeling abandoned, we see how very loved we are. Loved enough that He’s made sure that the ending to our story is a happy one. A victorious one. Because our story ends in His triumph.

I’ll be honest, that hasn’t always seemed like enough for me. I’ve wanted life to work out picture perfectly here, now. But I think that once we really and truly accept that hard times are going to come, we are able to let go of that “perfect” picture, and realize that there’s beauty in the not-so-perfect one. The one where Jesus is overcoming daily, where He’s getting us through the minutes and walking ahead of us as we face the hard things. I think taking heart means letting go of what we thought our life was supposed to be, and embracing what it is. 

Those hard things? He’s overcome them. He loves us. And that’s enough.

First Words


My son, Nathan, will be 10 months old tomorrow, and he’s just started babbling. His quiet voice, trying out sounds for the first time, is a much welcomed change from the loud screeches of the last few months, let me tell you! My daughter’s first word was “mama”, much to my heart’s delight, so, of course, I’ve been saying “mama” over and over to my boy, in hopes that he might catch on and follow suit. No luck. This kid {Read More}

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The one where I talk about food.

afraid of failing - kaysepratt.com

I’m taking a deep breath here, because I have gone back and forth about publishing this post. This is the thing I am in the midst of struggling with. And it’s easier for me to just not talk about it, but I think I better just come out and say it. Even though I don’t want to. And it would be cool if I could just wish it all away. But I can’t. And something needs to be done. So {Read More}

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Making Over Our Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet Makeover - KaysePratt.com

I mentioned in my last post that we kicked the 24-hour bug that’s been going around in less than 12 hours. That’s kind of been the norm around here in the last year, and it’s been a welcome change for us. Last May, we were introduced to essential oils, and they have kind of changed our lives. Now, before you write me off, tell me this: If you knew there was something out there that could help your kids sleep {Read More}

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When You Dream of Being Sick (Or, How to Know You’re Burned Out)

When You Dream Of Being Sick (Or, How To Know You're Burned Out) - KaysePratt.com

Jon came down with a 24-hour bug on Sunday, and spent the rest of the day in bed while I kept the kids busy in the other end of the house. And here’s my confession: I was jealous of him. Jealous of being sick? No, not really. But to be able to just lay in bed and sleep? Well, that just sounded like paradise. This mommy thing wears me out. And with Jon back at work, and often working late {Read More}

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On Sleeping Children & Writing Again

beautiful isn't perfect - kaysepratt.com

THE CHILDREN ARE BOTH ASLEEP. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!! It’s a miracle if there ever was one, and I’m taking the chance to sit down with my computer and all of those letters staring up at me from the keyboard, and write. Write. Because I’m nothing if not a writer. I’m learning this again. I have this deep ache in me to create beautiful things, to begin something and carry it to completion and sit back and look at it {Read More}

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Our Homeschool Room

our homeschool room - kaysepratt.com

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ridiculously excited to put a homeschool room together. And also if I said I wasn’t jumping out of my skin to share it with you! When I was an elementary school teacher, putting my classroom together was one of my absolute favorite things. I’d spend time coming up with a theme, and then either shopping for or creating my own decorations to keep the theme and make the classroom a fun and {Read More}

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Why We’re Jumping On The Homeschooling Bandwagon

Why We're Homeschooling - KaysePratt.com

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be two things: a mommy & a teacher. The teacher dream was fulfilled in 2006, when I got my first teaching job – 3rd grade at the private school where I’d grown up. It was quite literally my dream job. The mommy dream was fulfilled in 2011 (and sweetened in 2013), and I loved it so much that I left the teaching job that I held at the time. I always assumed {Read More}

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Lean In

Lean In - KaysePratt.com

I heard the term “threenager” a while back, and I feel like that’s pretty accurate. The 3′s are rough. My beautiful girl is equal parts sweet and stubborn, and there’s a bit of sass thrown in there too. She’s a lot like her momma. I am struggling to figure out how to parent well. I’ve cut out many distractions from my life, things that would take up time in my day and pull me away from her. I’ve closed the {Read More}

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